Writing Ambassador Project 1

I’m really excited to be a part of this group. We all seem to be like-minded and I believe we will produce a high quality blog. There is some talk of a Tumblr page (Which I’m down for) and since my strong suit in writing is humor I hope we can incorporate that in the blog. I love making people laugh, and I was really into making Buzzfeed-esque learning videos mixed with a hilarious format when hearing the ideas in class. So, if I can write something along those lines, that would be fan-freakin-tastic! I think it would be interesting to include staff profiles, tips and tricks, and maybe a fun fact about the writing center periodically? I think there are so many things we can do with this. It’s going to be so fun and creative!

My goal is for this can become something big and  for it to live on even after the last day of class. I think a blog will really effective as far as reaching fellow Salem Siblings. Especially if we go the Tumblr route, like what college student doesn’t Tumblr? (Tries to not have logical fallacies; fails miserably). I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this and begin drafting the proposal. I’m a little concerned about making the deadline, but I am confident in our group. I was extremely nervous that I was going to be put in a group that wouldn’t want to get things done. I was pleasantly surprised at our first meeting. We drafted a AMAZING group contract and we were all on the same page. Everyone is so authentic and kind, and I have high expectations.

Can’t wait to get started and wear those kick arse Writing Ambassador buttons.


Client Blog

I was welcomed by a familiar group of faces as I sat in the writing center. I came in with the intention of showing Project One. My tutor was Rachel. She was very kind and went through my Prezi with me at least four times. Each time we discussed why I chose each community, how I could explain it to the class, and why I decided to create the Prezi the way I did.

I really enjoyed the suggestions Rachel gave me and the feedback she would give after I would change the order of my communities to achieve flow. I felt like Rachel was wearing many hats like the book explains tutors do. I didn’t know Rachel super well, but she made me feel comfortable by sitting next to me, rather than across. She never made me feel like my work was inadequate or like I had zero understanding of what was going on. She was so resourceful when the exit sheets were nowhere to be found and printed them on pirate coloring sheets. The vibe in the room was so relaxed, and I was able to accomplish so much more homework than I usually can. I would definitely use the writing center as a resource again, when I have a paper due. I feel like I learned more by having a trained student look at my stuff rather than a friend who will scan the paper for a moment, just to go back to their own paper writing. I’m so happy we have this resource on campus.

Project Proposals Reading Blog 3

Project Proposals are something I have some experience with. When I was putting on a fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, I had to write various proposals for the play I was putting on. (A group of friends and I wrote a musical based on The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you feel like watching it one day and see me make the most awkward speech ever click here.)

The most nerve-wracking proposal I ever wrote was to Nintendo to get the rights to perform it for ALSF.

This was my Proposal:

Good afternoon, Ms. Riley:

I was asked to direct my request concerning the use of licensed characters in a public forum such a play, performance, etc.

Who we are:

My name is Sabrina Noelle Otero. I am the volunteer coordinator for an ambassador of a local branch Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is a great foundation that was created by a young girl who was diagnosed with cancer and spent the remainder of her days dedicated to combating this disease for children like herself. Alex is no longer with us but her goals are still achievable through inspiring folk like local Nurse Jolene Cannady who are champions of her cause. Jolene’s many efforts have encouraged many teens like myself to make a difference in our local community by organizing and running stands for ALSF.

Here are links to some of the past coverage our events by news and local televised media:



What we need:

The reason for my letter is because our next goal is to put on a musical (performance) based on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that would be written by kids for kids whereby 100% of all the funds would go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. No one involved would be paid and the entire production would be a labor of love. We are only asking for authorization to use the characters themselves; we would not require any materials.

Past Credibility:

In addition to my duties as volunteer coordinator for Nurse Jolene, I am the founder of The League of Extraordinary Thespians – this is an informal organization comprised of a CMA nominated local recording artist (Becca June), indie film director (Michael Williams), and several seasoned community theatre actors. We have all had experience working with licensed projects for charity. To that effect, last summer, Joss Whedon’s camp granted us (The League) authorization (despite the current licensing free on it) to put on a performance of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog whereby 100% of the funds benefitted tornado relief victims in NC via the Piedmont Red Cross.   Here are some links to some of our promotional media coverage including recognition from Felicia Day who played the original Penny in “Dr. Horrible”, and now stars in “The Guild:”


Mutantville Review:


Fox 8 appearance:


Our review from Charity Apple of the Times News:


Our YouTube Link:


And our trailer to promote the show:


Planned Promotions:

The play (if approved) would take place next year during the first weekend of May 2013 in conjunction with activities planned for Free Comic Book Day. Recently, a law was passed in Greensboro, NC granting the city a name change to Comic Book City USA the first Saturday of every May. Our performance of LoZ: OoT would be one of the headline events and would potentially draw may attendees and thus ensure our fundraiser was a success.

How does Nintendo Benefit:

Everyone actively involved is either a young person trying to make a difference or benefitting from said difference: The head scriptwriter and project creator is a 16 year-old male named Sam Diezel who is a huge fan of the Nintendo franchise. He was an IGN moderator since his middle school years and a cursory google search under the name LinkSam95 will detail many of his gaming exploits and sincere love for this company. His music director (Ben Johnson) is a fifteen year-old teen who is well versed in while creating pieces and I am a Times-News correspondent (volunteer writer) for Teens &20s section of my local paper who has reviewed many video games – I’m a rising sophomore as well. It sets a great precedent when a family friendly company like Nintendo backs a grassroots project that benefits their main demographic, permits young people to interactively do some real good under their brand name and ultimately save lives: Such actions would build a fanbase for life.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sabrina N. OterO

(My Phone Number Which I Omitted Since I’m putting this on the Blog)

The results were positive and I was ecstatic we were able to put on the production.

The videos brought up great points.

It is so important to answer these five questions:

1.) What are you going to do?
2.) Why is this work important/significant?
3.) How are you going to complete the project?
4.) How long will it take?
5.) What are the outcomes/intended results?

I hope this class will strengthen my proposal writing skills, since the last few I wrote were about two or three years ago.


Reading Blog 2

I know my title for this blog post isn’t super creative; however, it gets the point across.

I was really surprised how engaging the text was. I’m not going to lie, usually college textbooks put me to sleep and I have to break up the reading, pour about 10 cups of coffee, and pray to God that I don’t fall asleep and can retain the information. I felt like the chapters are also applicable to when a friends ask you to read over your stuff, but they’ve “trapped” you essentially, under the guise of “hanging out.”

The information about being professional and cordial was pretty straight forward. Try to have open conversation, but don’t off topic, don’t say “YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN A+, MY DUDE,” like that’s not helping anybody in the situation. I can’t even imagine what it would be like for a faculty member to come down there and tell me my opinion doesn’t matter in grading. Honestly, it isn’t my business how something should be graded or what grade someone receives. It’s only to help the person realize their potential to enhance the paper. I also thought the advice on prepping them on how to revise the paper and approach the professor was even helpful information for myself.

There was a really great point with the online tutoring that stuck out to me. It was saying not to forget that people can see your facial reactions when you’re reading the paper if you’re meeting via webcam. I feel like that note was potentially put for me to read, because I would be that person who forgets. #Awkward


#Goals For Community Writing (Reading Blog 1)

As I read through the syllabus, I felt a rush come over me. I am filled with giddiness and excitement as my eyes scan through the page looking at the exciting projects we will be tackling in this class.

My Goals For This Class

  • For my writing skills to improve. I enjoy my style of writing (witty, with a dash of cynicism), however, I want to better myself as far as cleaner writing. When I say this, I don’t mean having it blessed and safe for a four year old to read. I’m trying to convey clear, grammatically correct, intellectual writing that still embodies my style.
  • To have fun while planning and preparing for the BIG event. I’m excited to learn more about it, and get to in a sense “get my hands dirty” through the class. I love meeting new people and getting to help. I can’t wait to start doing projects that we get to be creative in.
  • Learning how I can impact my community through writing.
  • To actually remember people’s names.
  • To stay organized, punctual, and keep on track with readings. I have always struggled with organization-sensation skills when it comes to applying it to my own life. I bought a big girl planner and hope to stay on track and learn as much as I can.

I would love to read everyone else’s goals. Any thoughts on what you guys want from this course? Why did some decide to choose this course?

Let me know in the comments below!

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Salem Sister