About Me

Hi, fellow scholars!

My name is Bri and my origin is Miami, Florida and I relocated to Elon, NC in 2007. I have a baby brother, who means the world to me, and a mom who’s approval is more important to me than the 10 Commandments. I enjoy cozy sweaters and my two cats Professor Earl Gray Blitz and Sir Salem Skywalker. I’m certain I have met the love of my life and am blessed at the Lord’s timing. Coffee replaced my blood a long time ago.

My heart is truly into giving back to the community. I am the Founder of the League of Extraordinary Thespians and Team Lemon! My favorite charity to do work for is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. My favorite project was embracing my inner geek and writing a musical based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the Musical! If you feel like spending a few hours watching it click here. I also was featured by Felicia Day’s web series The Guild as Fan of The Week while putting on Dr. Horrible Sing-a-Long Blog for The American Red Cross Foundation.

Aside from trying to make the world a wee bit better from time to time, I like to dabble in writing. I have written for The Times News Teens&Twenties Section, Odyssey, and other various writings.

For Times News my favorite articles would be interviewing my idol, Felicia Day and Kat Graham (From Vampire Diaries).

If you feel like reading Teen Angst manic depressive kind of writing dealing with the brokenness of family, the loss of a friend through suicide, and the magic of clinical depression, feel free to look at my main blog. I plan to update periodically.

TL;DR: I love helping others who need help, being a friend to those who need one, and I’m a damn honest person. Be the best you can be everyday and I love your face.

Have a day as wonderful as yourself.

Don’t Forget to #FreeTheFood