Observation Blog 1

Sully did an amazing job with Amira and her Sociology project. Sully had open body language and was very kind during the whole session. When Sully did not understand something, she simply asked Amira to explain it to her, which I feel really helped cement some of the information in Amira’s head. Though Sully and Amira are both very comfortable and familiar with each other, there was still a professional air to it.

They went through what Amira already had. Sully never cut off Amira nor did she hijack her paper. Sully tried to understand as much as she could about the paper, so she could try to give the best advice for the paper. She seemed very genuine and kind while giving her input. She never told Amira what to write, but helped her figure out where Amira wanted to take it. She went over the information sheet with Amira over and over, which I’m sure helped Amira cement what she needed to still add.

Amira didn’t truly need too much editing; however, even though she is a writing consultant, Sully did not let that effect the session. She treated it like it was any session. I believe they both came out of the session feeling satisfied. When they closed, Amira went through what she wanted to, and Sully still had open body language, a kind smile, and did a fabulous job. Side note: Amira brought juice boxes and peanut butter M&Ms, so it was basically a party at the end.

(I just realized this did not upload due to faulty wifi. 😦 )


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  1. drkatiemanthey · April 21, 2016

    Thanks, Bri!


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