Observation Blog 2

Andy and Amira had a wonderful session. Andy showed Amira her paper for Jacobsen. It seemed like a very difficult assignment. Amira handled it with grace. I enjoyed the openness of the session, since we were all very friendly with each other. Andy seemed elated after going through the paper, and Amira seemed to have a strong sense of what Andy was explaining when going through the paper instructions.

It was a pretty fast session and Amira seemed proud of Andy for getting started on her paper and coming in weeks in advance rather than last minute. It was really a treat to observe the two interact. Amira really had strong skills when proofreading. However, she did not take over nor did she begin writing for her. They held an engaging discussion and talked through each section. I was glad to know when I am assigned a large paper, I can turn to the writing center. I dread the day I am assigned a ten page paper and have no idea how to do that.

Towards the end, Amira did give a five minute warning. She was still courteous and kind and continued to have open body language. She asked what else needed to be addressed and they were able to finish,which was great.They went through it one more time, Amira answered a few more questions, and the session ended. Andy seemed ready to move forward in the assignment. So, all in all it seemed like a very productive session.

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  1. drkatiemanthey · April 21, 2016

    Nice work here! Thanks!


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