Rough Drafts Not Cats

Mary’s Gourmet Diner is one of my favorite places. It’s an adorable restaurant across from Black Mountain Chocolate and serves organic breakfast/brunch/lunch items. It’s my boyfriend and I’s favorite Sunday fun day place. I love it because the people are so fun and quirky. The wait staff are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. We have talked about Sailor Moon (I tend to wear my cutesy anime  Hot Topic dresses whenever I go),  horoscopes, mild magic/natural remedies, to cool places to check out on dreary Sunday afternoons that remind me of what I imagine London is like. It’s one of the quirkiest places I have ever been to. I mean where else will you find a mannequin to eat with you outside?


I suspect it was a bank due to exterior (pic below) and am excited to investigate it. I have scheduled two different interviews with the owner, but she had to cancel due to sickness 😦


Here’s a cute pic of the front entrance:


Mary’s connects with the arts community because it is located in the Arts district. They sell many local items from organic local farms to crocheted items from someone’s great-great grandma. They present a unified community of weird and I’m glad I can fit into their puzzle of quirkiness and glitter.


Outsider perspective: C. McCarthy

Q: What is the first thought that comes to mind when I say Mary’s Gourmet Diner?

A: Mary Babcock, because I live in Babcock.

Q: Why haven’t you been to MGD?

A: I haven’t heard of it — until today.

Q: Do you think you’ll be going anytime soon?

A: I don’t know, perhaps soon.

Q: If you could be a breakfast food, which would you be?

A: Chocolate Chip Pancake, because they’re good. I didn’t want to say bacon because then technically I would be a pig.

Q: What could persuade you to go to MGD?

A: More info about the location, prices, and the menu.

Q: What does the word community mean to you?

A: A group of people living in close proximity. 

(I’m interviewing my inside perspective this Wednesday) 


  1. Lidia Villatoro · March 15, 2016

    Content: 3 – So far, your description of the place is there. The pictures definitely help as well! But I think that maybe you could add a little more in regards to background information (I know this might be difficult, considering it is a restaurant…I am having the same problem). Good job on the interview questions!
    Organization: 3 – I love how you have discussed how you fit into their “puzzle of quirkiness and glitter.” It shows how you personally connect to this place. You could possibly add a bit more of how you identify with this place/ community. Overall, you did organize the information in a manner that is comprehensive.
    Style: 3 – I definitely enjoyed your word choice, but it might be too conversational (mainly in the intro). I could see your personality shine through the profile, which engaged me as a reader. Overall, you had sentence structure and it was readable, it just may need some minor improvements and additional information.
    Mechanics: 3.75 – I do think your profile was easy to read. I know you took the pictures yourself and included an interview, but it lacked outside resources in regards to the background information that Katie is looking for.


  2. Savannah Ettinger · March 16, 2016

    Content-3 Your profile is good with description and pictures, and balances those aspects out. There’s not a lot of background, and I think you should go deeper with your personal story too.
    Organization-4 I like how it flows, however, the only thing that really stops it is how abrubtly your interviews are placed. They’re just there in the middle. Try to spread it out, and have an intro and a conclusion. You got this!
    Style-3 It’s conversational and really gives us a personal look into who you are and will enhance your personal connections. I think you did well on that, it’s pretty easy to read.
    Mechanics-4 There aren’t very many errors here, but there aren’t sources or attributions that are needed. You’ll have to gather some background info for that!


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