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The first time I entered the writing center it was with my Writing Ambassadors group. I had a wonderful time laughing, eating hella candy, and getting to know two people who I consider close friends even better. After that initial meeting, I spent the next couple of hours there because I had a writing tutor appointment for P1. I was so motivated in there I finished all of my homework faster/understood it more than I ever had before.

I was so impressed. The vibe in there is so tranquil and energetic. I really enjoyed the times I have spent in there. Especially knowing that I can go to Katie who is really supportive. You might go in there for a consultation because you think you’re a shitty writer, but you can come out learning about support groups and online communities that think like you. I left feeling like I’m not alone. I hold that meeting in high regard in my mind as a turning point in my life.

The Salem College Writing Center has become part of what makes Salem home for me. I really enjoy the tutors, the writing director, and the comfy chairs. I’ve always struggled with focusing on homework. I didn’t really have a “safe space” on campus. I feel like variables always change. Just like the people you associate yourself with changes like ebb and flow, so do the locations where you get to destress and just be you. The writing center allows me to do that. Something about sitting in that room, having my stuff spread across the table and just being able to take a deep breath and work is so empowering. I know this sounds a tad insane, but hey it’s my kind of insane, dear reader.

[Insert historical facts and fun blasts from the past info here. i.e. George Washington blew his nose in the S.C.W.C. not really.]


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