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I am writing about Mary’s Gourmet Diner. It’s an adorable restaurant across from Black Mountain Chocolate (WHICH IS SO DELICIOUS BTDUBS) and serves organic breakfast/brunch/lunch items. It’s my boyfriend and I’s favorite Sunday fun day place. I love it because the people are so fun and quirky. The wait staff are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. We have talked about Sailor Moon (I tend to wear my cutesy anime  Hot Topic dresses whenever I go),  horoscopes, mild magic/natural remedies, to cool places to check out on dreary Sunday afternoons that remind me of what I imagine London is like.

Based on the website, I’ll have to look into the history behind Mary’s and what came before it. I suspect it was a bank and am excited to investigate it. I emailed Mary’s Gourmet Diner with the following message:


My name is Sabrina and I attend Salem College. For my Service Learning class we were asked to pick a place in Winston that we resonate with as “our place.” I love Mary’s so much and enjoy being able to spend as many Sunday brunches with my boyfriend when he comes up to visit. It is one of the only places I feel comfortable at and look forward to visiting in Winston.

I’m originally a transplant from Miami, FL and now my family resides in Elon, NC. It has been difficult for me to go down and see my family as often as I would like and I LOVE being able to pop into Mary’s and find comfort at sitting in a booth, sipping hot cocoa (with extra whip, of course), and being surrounded by the amazing individuals that serve in the restaurant. I always have the best time at Mary’s and try to persuade my friends into going with me to what I associate with “The restaurant with the Hogwarts’ worthy omelettes.”

I write you to ask if there is anyone I can sit down with to interview for my project. I would very much appreciate it and I thank you for taking time out of your day to read my message.

Have a day as wonderful as Mary’s Gourmet Diner!

– Sabrina Noelle Otero”

I’m excited to proceed in this project and the examples were great in showing how to go about doing so.

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