Reading Bl0g 4

This chapter was pretty interesting. It described how to help writers when they’re in the writing process. I know the book is technically for tutoring, but it has great writing info in general. I struggle when trying to write a paper as far as academic writing.

I always feel  intense pressure from my mom because she’s an English Professor and doesn’t seem to realize I wasn’t born with some “great writer” gene just because she’s great at writing. I really love how it broke down each step.

The brainstorming chart was great because I can start focusing on how I can better my writing process. For instance, I’m really struggling with finding a good place to write. It’s extremely difficult to write in my room, but the library is way too quiet for me. I’m starting to find a rhythm, but I didn’t realize how important it is to have certain stuff in order like comfy clothes and figuring out what I do, to get to a writing mindset. Also questioning my methods to figure out if it’s really helping or, if I’m just wasting time is a smart thing to do prior to writing.

I liked the clustering/webbing method for planning out thoughts. I think if I start listing my ideas, that will make writing papers so much easier, instead of just trying to write a paper and getting frustrated at the blank space (insert Taylor Swift joke here). I remember doing something similar in elementary school, and I think it would be pretty applicable in this situation. The informal outline would be helpful in the process as well. I really struggle with revising papers, and trying to get my thoughts in a clear order, so for my next paper, (which ironically I just had one assigned), I look forward to being able to go to the writing center and get help with revisions.

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