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I was welcomed by a familiar group of faces as I sat in the writing center. I came in with the intention of showing Project One. My tutor was Rachel. She was very kind and went through my Prezi with me at least four times. Each time we discussed why I chose each community, how I could explain it to the class, and why I decided to create the Prezi the way I did.

I really enjoyed the suggestions Rachel gave me and the feedback she would give after I would change the order of my communities to achieve flow. I felt like Rachel was wearing many hats like the book explains tutors do. I didn’t know Rachel super well, but she made me feel comfortable by sitting next to me, rather than across. She never made me feel like my work was inadequate or like I had zero understanding of what was going on. She was so resourceful when the exit sheets were nowhere to be found and printed them on pirate coloring sheets. The vibe in the room was so relaxed, and I was able to accomplish so much more homework than I usually can. I would definitely use the writing center as a resource again, when I have a paper due. I feel like I learned more by having a trained student look at my stuff rather than a friend who will scan the paper for a moment, just to go back to their own paper writing. I’m so happy we have this resource on campus.

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  1. drkatiemanthey · February 24, 2016



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