Reading Blog 2

I know my title for this blog post isn’t super creative; however, it gets the point across.

I was really surprised how engaging the text was. I’m not going to lie, usually college textbooks put me to sleep and I have to break up the reading, pour about 10 cups of coffee, and pray to God that I don’t fall asleep and can retain the information. I felt like the chapters are also applicable to when a friends ask you to read over your stuff, but they’ve “trapped” you essentially, under the guise of “hanging out.”

The information about being professional and cordial was pretty straight forward. Try to have open conversation, but don’t off topic, don’t say “YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN A+, MY DUDE,” like that’s not helping anybody in the situation. I can’t even imagine what it would be like for a faculty member to come down there and tell me my opinion doesn’t matter in grading. Honestly, it isn’t my business how something should be graded or what grade someone receives. It’s only to help the person realize their potential to enhance the paper. I also thought the advice on prepping them on how to revise the paper and approach the professor was even helpful information for myself.

There was a really great point with the online tutoring that stuck out to me. It was saying not to forget that people can see your facial reactions when you’re reading the paper if you’re meeting via webcam. I feel like that note was potentially put for me to read, because I would be that person who forgets. #Awkward



  1. drkatiemanthey · February 9, 2016

    Oh, the facial expression thing is totally awkward. It takes a lot of practice for some people to develop a neutral expression when consulting 🙂

    I’m interested in exploring the idea of what “professionalism” is (and isn’t)–hopefully we can talk about this in class today.

    Finally: this is technically “Reading Blog 2”–can you change the title (or adjust the following ones to match the assignments?) Otherwise I’m going to get horribly lost lol


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